Senior Resources

Seeking Help with Purpose or Career?

What's the right career for you?

Did you know that the Japanese have already figured out the formula to finding the right balance of purpose, happiness and success? It is called ikigai. But what does ikigai mean? Here, we will look deeper into what this concept is and provide you with some tips on how to find your ikigai.

Library Events

Libraries, especially Kenton, offer free events, classes, and workshops on a countless list of areas. These can be useful to those exploring jobs and careers, as well as for those looking to grow in their current skills. There are soooo many awesome opportunities at our finger tips!


Have an Idea?

Blue North tips the scales in favor of brilliant, hard-working folks looking to create and grow businesses in Northern Kentucky. They build a close-knit community that connects entrepreneurs to critical resources and reduces barriers to opportunity. Their mission is to give your ideas time to grow and prosper.

FREE Advice from Expert Entrepreneurs

SCORE mentors know what it’s like to be a small business owner. Their community of experienced entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and executives are eager to help you start and grow your business.

Women Entrepreneurs

With a focus on women, Aviatra has all the resources to get your business idea off the ground and thriving.

Entrepreneurship Degree

The entrepreneurship major prepares students for the challenges of today’s fast-paced and uncertain economic environment where competition is based on opportunity recognition, innovation, speed to market, and entrepreneurial drive. In this innovative degree program, the focus is on developing a needed skill set and an entrepreneurial mindset, as well as creating value in the marketplace.


A Parent's Guide to Helping their Teen with Anxiety & MANY Other Helpful Topics & Resources

Anxiety is often a normal part of childhood and adolescence, but there’s a difference between everyday worry and chronic anxiety. By understanding the distinctions, you can help your child manage their symptoms effectively. Be sure to check out their countless other resources!

Christian Meditation App

A five minute meditation that anchors peace to God

Authentically Uniquely You

If we are made uniquely different than others in our talents, abilities, and traits, why do we always try to be like someone else?