2024 Senior Open House Event

Sunday May 7th

Where: Be Brave Be You Studio (you can search this in maps or use my business name Jennifer Lynn Pictures)

When: 2-5pm (You don't have to come the whole time but I recommend 2-4 or 3-5 to make sure you don't miss out on the photoshoot and giveaways)

Themed Photoshoot: All American (red, white, and blue)

Parking: Meters or free street parking in front of studio and on Greer St.

WHAT is the Open House??

A chance for you and all of your closest friends to come check out my studio, test run what it's like to work with me, and find out what all the buzz is about with the Senior Experience offered here at Jennifer Lynn Pictures! And you better believe I am going to sneak in a photo sesh with you and all of your friends at the same time!!!! I will even post the social media files on my webpage for you to save and share!

This experience is quite different than your traditional senior pictures. If you end up booking with me, yes you absolutely will get some sweet pictures to show off, BUT it's about so much more than that. Come check it out and decide for yourself if I am a good fit for you.  I highly recommend bringing your parent, as they are the only ones who can book the next step with me and right now I am down to 12 spots remaining for the Class of 2024.

OHHH!!! Did I mention  GIVEAWAYS?

You can enter many ways so check the list below to see how aggressive you want to get =)

THE MORE YOU DO, THE MORE ENTIRES YOU GET! If you have already followed me, you will still get an entry for it (Limit 200 entries):

  • Register and attend this event (5 entires upon your arrival)
  • Your Friends who register and attend this event (I ask them who shared this in this form) (5 entires per friend's arrival)
  • Follow me on IG (@JenniferLynnPictures on all platforms)
  • Send me a DM on IG to tell me what school you go to
  • Get your mom to follow me on FB 

Do I or my friends have to REGISTER?

Preferably but not necessarily. I plan to have food and drinks at this event and I will be using this registration to help me plan accordingly. The more people who register, the better prepared I can be so I don't run out. If someone decides to come at the last minute, no biggy. Bring them and don't worry about it.