Seeking Help with Purpose or Career?

What's the right career for you?

Did you know that the Japanese have already figured out the formula to finding the right balance of purpose, happiness and success? It is called ikigai. But what does ikigai mean? Here, we will look deeper into what this concept is and provide you with some tips on how to find your ikigai.

Library Events

Libraries offer free events, classes, and workshops on a countless list of areas. These can be useful to those exploring jobs and careers, as well as for those looking to grow in their current skills. There are soooo many awesome opportunities at our finger tips! You can check your local library or click to look at Kenton's selection.

Authentically Uniquely You

If we are made uniquely different than others in our talents, abilities, and traits, why do we always try to be like someone else?

Christian Meditation App

Help calm your mind so you can hear more clearly from God and His direction in your life.