38 Creative Senior Picture Ideas for Girls

If you’re a teenage girl who is busy planning their senior photo session, you may be searching for some unique photo ideas that capture your unique style, personality, and interests.  Well, fear not, because I’ve got you covered! As a Cincinnati Senior Photographer, I’m all about taking senior pictures to the next level.  Creativity is at the core of absolutely everything I do.  Why be average when you can be extraordinary?  And being extraordinary starts with some truly creative senior picture ideas.  I’ve made the search easy by bringing together a list of 36 of my favorite creative senior picture ideas for girls.

Ready for some serious inspiration?  Let’s get started!

1. Cap n' Gown & Confetti!!!

Bring along one of those pop confetti cans. You can pick them up on Amazon or in most party stores. Go for the biodegradable because they make a mess you won't want to clean up. lol

2. On the Fence

Fences make a great spot for pictures. You can pose several different ways from leaning to sitting and they create leading lines, which is an element in art that can make your photographs much more interesting.

High school Senior popping confetti in the cap n gown and captured by Jennifer Lynn Pictures
High School Senior photoshoot with a girl sitting along a fence line. captured by Jennifer Lynn Pictures

3. A Set of Doors

Look for old churches and you are bound to find lots of cool doors.

4. Relaxed Laugh

Every great smile starts with a little laugh. Practice this before your shoot. Nothing drawn out. Just a quick laugh and you will transform your pictures. This will serve you well for the rest of your life! You're welcome. lol

5. Add Some Glitter

Blow some glitter towards the camera.

6. Sit on Swing

I have a swing on my home property (pictured below) but I also love the swings at Smale Park in Cincinnati. Swings can be playful and get in more movement and action shots mentioned in this list.

7. Field of Flowers

Flowers are every changing so just ask your photographer for details on what colors come out in the fields they know of throughout the year. Gold rod pictured here can be found heavy in September. This happens to be in a field on my own property. It gets bright orange flowers in the early summer. Then deep purple moves in, ending with golden rod in late summer, early fall.

8. On the Stairs

You can do sooo many poses with stairs. You can't go wrong!

9. An Urban Setting

Think about smaller towns, just as much as big cities.

10. A Bunch of Balloons

Pick your favorite colors or your school colors. Better yet, save some money and ask your photographer to photoshop some in! (Like pictured below)

A high school senior girl holding a bouquet of balloons in an open field. captured by Jennifer Lynn Pictures

11. Old Truck, Car, or Motorcycle

Is there a beauty in the family that needs to be featured in your shoot?!

12. Movie Star

Look for an old theatre with a marquee

13. Old Charm Wins Every Time

From an old town to just an old bike, I love all things old.

14. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Don't overlook reflections. Can be found in a mirror, puddle, or glass. Grab an umbrella to make puddle exploring that much better.

15. In the Water

Everyone loves a good creek shot but don't skip getting IN the water!

16. Showcase Your Collection

Show off your favorite collection. From shoes, to makeup, to purses and more.

17. Add a Hat

Change up the look quickly by adding a hat to a few shots. Any accessory for that matter.

18. Favorite Location

Do you have a family lake house or farm you hold close to your heart? Work it into your senior session.

19. Shabby Chic

Shake it up with an elegant gown paired with some cowboy boots or converse in a rustic location.

20. Show off Your Fashion

Bonus points for fashion forward thinking.

21. New Perspective

A new perspective for the camera that is. Perspective can add great variety and capture some cool sky elements as well when shooting up.

22. All the Colors of Fall

Choosing a fall photoshoot can be a bit risky with unpredictable weather but those colors make it sooo worth the risk! Just make sure your schedule is flexible enough during that time of year in case you have a few rain delays. Your photographer is bound to be booked up so you need a wide open schedule to ensure you get in before the colors disappear for the season. If you don't have a flexible schedule in fall, you are better off going with another season.

23. Add Some Funk

Find some graffiti or a mural around town to add some pops of color. Solid color outfits are a must for a scene like this.

24. Snow Day

If you are lucky enough to live local to your photographer, see if they can meet you on your first snow day.

25. On the Move

Capture movement in the background with a passing car, bus, or train.

26. Bookworm

Show off your book collection, or book your senior pictures with me to be photographed in this scene reading your favorite book!

27. Bubbles!

Blow some bubbles to add variety to your shoot.

28. 3, 2,... Action!

Whether it's a sports action, or just walking down the street, those are some of my favorites!

29. Fur BFF

You absolutely have to bring your pet! Just don't forget that someone should bring them separately so they don't slow down the rest of your session.

30. Add a spark!

Grab some sparklers for a fun twist and pose in front of city lights to really level up your senior photos!

31. Gear Up!

Play a sport? Bring the uniform and all your gear to show off this side of your high school career.

32. In the Street

Don't under estimate a crosswalk. The Beatles shared more than just good music. lol

33. Get Windswept

Don't worry about wind. Let it add to the shot. Use your hands to keep playing with your hair when it gets too out of control. Turn in the right direction to work with the wind, and not against it.

34. Smokin'!

Add a smoke bomb to compliment or contrast the surrounding colors in the scene. Abort the mission if it's a windy day though! They can be tricky to work with but an experienced photographer can advise you on if it's a good day to incorporate one. An alley is typically a great place to keep the smoke from moving about too much but here you can see how a field can work when there isn't much wind.

35. Unique Architecture

Often you can find old churches or cool buildings in urban areas. Look around and don't forget to look up!

36. Go Vintage

Whether it's a location, prop, or in this case... a random VW parked on the street you are driving down right in front of George Clooney's parent's house. Always be ready to jump out and take the shot!

37. Hone in on Your Hobby

What are you passionate about? What are you good at? How do you spend your free time? All things to consider when deciding what to highlight during your senior photo shoot.

38. Spice it up at the Arcade

Arcades are dark and can be challenging to work with from the photographer's perspective but ask your photographer if they have experience. If so, an arcade is a great location to really do something different that the norm.